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PhDs completed 2015

DTU Chemistry takes pride in educating PhDs at the highest international level. We present a diverse research education in modern chemistry which contributes to the development of cutting edge science at the Department. The goal for all PhD-students is to publish in leading journals and participate in leading international conferences during their three year long research education.

PhD ChemClub
The main purpose of the PhD ChemClub at DTU Chemistry is to strengthen the professional and social network between PhD-students at the Department. The PhD ChemClub is run by PhD-students and they arrange several annual events: PhD Symposium, Post-graduate career events with experts from industry and academia, Inspiring talks by invited speakers, Social gatherings. We invite interested candidates to have a look at our website kemi.dtu.dk/English where you can read more about our PhD programme as well as the DTU Chemistry research areas.

Power Performance
Excellent scientists must also be able to communicate their research results efficiently. DTU Chemistry offers each PhD-student an intensive communication course (1,5 ECTS) to practice their presentation techniques to perfection. A cornerstone in this regard is the annual PhD Symposium at which stakeholders from the industry are invited to attend both oral presentations and a postersession by the Departments PhD-students.

Contact us!
In the following you can witness the diverse DTU Chemistry PhD Defences 2015. All supervisors invite you to get in touch, if you are interested in the full thesis, in further information or in possible collaboration. You are also welcome to contact the Head of the PhD School, Professor Erling H. Stenby, Head of Department, ehst@kemi.dtu.dk

DTU Kemi
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