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PhD Study

At DTU Chemistry a PhD program is a comprehensive research education in modern chemistry with options ranging from basic research to projects in collaboration with industry or innovation that can lead to startup companies.

You will be in contact with international research communities and will be able to take part of your PhD study at a foreign research institution.

You will be trained in dissemination of the world of chemistry and your own research as teaching assistant at the Department as well as presenter at scientific conferences and events for the general public and school students.

You build skills and develop your knowledge in chemistry through participation in courses at DTU, other universities, research schools or summer schools.

Qualification requirements for a PhD degree at DTU Chemistry
 - You have a solid educational background with an academic level equivalent to a master's degree in chemistry, chemical engineering or related fields
 - You have a passionate about making a contribution to chemistry and making a difference in society.
 - You are ambitious, have the courage and ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks at the same time.
 - You appreciate a good working environment and you work well both professionally and socially in a team.
 - You have made clear ideas about what you could use a PhD degree in chemistry for.

The first steps towards a PhD study at DTU Chemistry

We recommend that you firstly explore the Department's research groups, their projects, collaborators and activities via the website.
Secondly you should contact the researchers you consider interesting potential PhD supervisors to hear more about research projects, funding opportunities and more.

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