EuroHPC Extreme Scale Access Grant for Supercomputer Calculations

torsdag 02 nov 23


Jógvan Magnus Haugaard Olsen
DTU Kemi
45 25 20 02

Associate Professor Jógvan Magnus Haugaard OlsenDepartment of Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark, and collaborators from Sapienza Università di Roma have been granted computational resources through the EuroHPC Extreme Scale Access call. These resources will support their research on the light-induced gating mechanism of bistable jumping spider rhodopsin-1, a promising candidate for optogenetic applications because of its photoswitching capabilities.


The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) launched a call to access its pre-exascale supercomputers. This call is targeting HPC applications with high-impact and high-gain innovative research from all fields of science. Read more about the call here: "EuroHPC Extreme Scale Access".

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