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mandag 29 apr 19

Årsrapporten for DTU Kemi er nu tilgængelig. I denne artikel kan du læse Institutdirektør Erling H. Stenbys forord samt finde et link til at hente rapporten. I rapporten finder du blandt andet ph.d-artikler, fokus på udvalgt forskning og en gennemgang af årets højdepunkter. Al tekst i rapporten er på engelsk, ligesom forordet nedenfor.

A Department Taking Charge

Welcome to the DTU Chemistry Annual Report 2018 – a year characterized by new initiatives, innovation, and academic excellence.

Cooperation and innovation in focus

As you can read throughout the report, we prioritize innovation and the development of tomorrow’s solutions to climate, health, and energy challenges. One of our new initiatives, Springboard, has already shown great promise in facilitating innovations. We are certain that the Department’s research and innovation portfolio will lead to many impactful spin-out companies in the future.

The Department also takes pride in our researchers participating in groundbreaking research networks. Thus, I am extremely excited to see researchers from DTU Chemistry being an integral part of the government designated ‘lighthouse’ environment SMART. SMART will perform cutting-edge research on atomic structures using the new ESS neutron source – leading the way to new advanced materials.

In 2018, we celebrated the inauguration of DK-OPENSCREEN – a national research infrastructure for chemical biology hosted by DTU Chemistry. This is a testament of our commitment to improve Denmark’s competitiveness in the life science sector. I anticipate numerous collaborations with industry and scientists interested in benefitting from this infrastructure and the state-of-the-art compound library located at the Department.


Picture: The DTU Chemistry Management Group 2018 (left to right) Jens Ø. Duus, Inge Holkmann Olsen, Erling H. Stenby, Pernille Harris, and Klaus B. Møller.

As international cooperation plays an important role in all research activities, I am pleased to see that DTU Chemistry is considered an attractive partner also at the international level. Researchers and companies from all over the world are reaching out to us for close collaboration with our highly competent research groups.

Through significant external funding we have once again been able to initiate projects and develop strong research groups with talents from Denmark and abroad. The Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, and Carlsberg Foundation are just a select few of our funding partners driving the Department’s worldclass research in materials, life science engineering, etc. 


We are always looking for ways to improve already strong research areas and academic excellence.Therefore, I am enthusiastic about the 2019 expansion of faculty to include another professor,associate professor, and senior scientist relocating from DTU Nanotech. They will add expertise to the Department’s existing capabilities, especially within polymers and nanotechnology.

I would also like to highlight our focus on safety procedures and occupational health of our employees, which are of utmost importance and continuously evaluated. In addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations, the Department have adopted a series of actions to be followed. In 2018, we started implementing a new digital registration system to further ensure a complete and at all times updated overview of the quantity and location of each of the Department’s chemicals. I am extremely proud to see employees on every level taking great responsibility with regards to safety matters.

Educating the next generation of scientists

One of the core tasks at DTU Chemistry is educating and forming the next generation of engineers and researchers.To my satisfaction, our recruitment strategies are working excellently. The BSc programme Chemistry and Technology continues to attract a very high number of applicants. This has led to an increase in required grade average – securing a very competent group of students. The success also translates to our MSc programme that attracts bachelors from DTU and other universities around the world. Furthermore, our challenging and inclusive study environment is encouraging students to reach their full potential, proven by the number of individual awards and Honors students graduating our programmes.

2018 was also a productive year at PhD level with 13 PhD students graduating. You can read about their projects in this report. Additionally, a record number of 24 PhD students were enrolled at the Department. I am very proud of our PhD School, as it assists these young scientists to develop through power performance courses, writing workshops, participation in international conferences, and close collaboration with industry.

In conclusion, I see a Department geared to perform research and educational activities at the highest level. At the same time,we work in innovative ways in order to stay competitive and continue to attract talent, address global challenges, and create value to partners within industry and academia. I hope you will enjoy reading this report.

Erling H. Stenby

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