Service Crystallography

DTU Chemistry perform X-ray crystallography, which is a method that deals with the atomic construction of substances in solid phase such as crystals or fibers. When a crystal or fiber is irradiated with X-ray, a diffraction pattern is emitted. An analysis of this pattern provides information on the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in the material.

To do this, DTU Chemistry uses The SuperNova Dual Source CCD-diffractometer which consists of a four-circle kappa-goniometer combined with an Atlas CCD-detector and dual micro-sources (Cu and Mo Kα1 and Kα2 radiation) with multi-layer optics. The diffractometer is set up with a cryo cooling system covering 100 to 475 K. The single-crystal samples (<0.2 mm) are mounted either on a glass tip or in a loop which are placed on a goniometer head.

It is used for solving X-ray single crystal structures of both small molecule and protein crystals.

We offer to solve structures for both academia and industry.

For more information, please contact Mariusz Kubus makub@kemi.dtu.dk


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