Modern Laboratories

The chemistry laboratories in building 211 at DTU Chemistry cover an area of 3,200 square metres. The laboratory design is well integrated and operationally optimized with 110 fume hoods distributed in four major teaching laboratories and eight research laboratories.

In addition, there are extra laboratories for analysis – which makes it an optimal infrastructure for both teaching and research. The ceiling height of over six meters ensures the right airflow to the fume hoods, and a particularly future-proof plant for piped gases supplies the laboratories with the gases required for the research at DTU Chemistry.

All fume hoods are regulated by a central vacuum and cooling system. Overall, the facility constitutes Denmark's largest fume hood.

The laboratories are used only for internal use. On the first floor, the laboratories are used for research in organic chemistry, whereas the teaching laboratories are used for both organic and inorganic chemistry.The building does not include meeting rooms or classrooms, but is for educational and research purposes only.

Therefore, access to the labs require cooperation with one of the research groups. On the first floor, there is only access for researchers with safety training to work there. 


Søren Kramer
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
+45 45 25 21 50