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12 SEP

DTU researchers find new method for efficient production of methane

Researchers at DTU Chemistry and DTU Energy have found a new chemical method that can convert electricity, water, and CO₂ into methane gas. The method can be used to store...

Energy Chemistry
The Danes at this years’ Chemistry Olympics: Rasmus, Mikaella, Kasper og Thomas. Photo: Frederik Søndergaard-Pedersen
12 AUG

Young Danes shine at Chemistry Olympics

Uniquely, all four Danish participants were able to bring home medals from the 2019 Chemistry Olympics.

Opening the Door to Hybrid 2D Materials
29 JUL

Opening the Door to Hybrid 2D Materials

For the first time, an organic and inorganic hybrid 2D material has been synthesized that combines the desirable properties of being electrically conductive and magnetic...

15 JUL

Making Metal Catalysis Affordable

Transition metal catalysis has revolutionized organic chemistry and will be instrumental for providing food and energy to the growing global population. However, the current...

Pernille Harris og Günther H. J. Peters
05 JUL

Two new professors continue protein research

Pernille Harris and Günther H. J. Peters are appointed professors at DTU Chemistry.They will both continue the research into the properties of proteins, which is an...

28 JUN

Shaping the Digital Chemist

No less than 14 PhDs have begun their work and training in a European network on computational spectroscopy with strong DTU Chemistry participation.

14 JUN

Making the Leap

A new initiative will help researchers at DTU Chemistry to generate market-ready innovations. After just one year, the initiative is creating results; a novel enzyme-cleavable...

Exploring the Quantum Mechanics of Life
28 MAY

Exploring the Quantum Mechanics of Life

Capture, transport, and release of oxygen in the body is managed by one single molecular system. This is possible thanks to a delicate mechanism allowing fast and reversible...

Årets underviser Robert Madsen
06 MAY

Professor Robert Madsen receives the 'Lecturer of the Year' award

In order to educate world-class engineers, you need world-class teachers. That is why Polyteknisk Forening annually honors two lecturers as 'Lecturer of the Year'. This...

29 APR

Read the DTU Chemistry Annual Report

The Department of Chemistry has released the Annual Report 2018. In this article, you can read the foreword by Head of Department Erling H. Stenby and download the full...


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