Sapere Aude Grant goes to Assistant Professor Janus Juul Eriksen from DTU Chemistry

Friday 02 Dec 22


Janus Juul Eriksen
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
+45 45 25 23 34
The Independent Research Fund Denmark has granted 6,2 mill DKK to Assistant Professor Janus Juul Eriksen from DTU Chemistry through the Sapere Aude programme for younger research leaders who has delivered excellent research within their field.

Janus Juul Eriksen receives the prestigious grant for the project FESCOP: Focused Simulations of Electronic Structure in Composite Phases.

The project is concerned with innovative new means of complementing experimental investigations of the underlying electronic transitions through the development of novel simulation tools capable of advancing on chemical studies within both solutions and biomolecular systems at an unprecedented efficiency.

You can read more about this exciting new project and Janus Juul Eriksen’s grant at the IRFD website: Janus Juul Eriksen — Independent Research Fund (

Janus Juul Eriksen is one of the 9 talented DTU researchers to receive a Sapere Aude DFF-Starting Grant – read more here:
Nine DTU researchers receive Sapere Aude DFF-Starting Grant research grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Read more about Janus Juul Eriksen’s general research here:

. - DTU Chemistry

Sapere Aude: DFF-Starting Grant

A Sapere Aude: DFF-Starting Grant is aimed at providing excellent younger researchers, i.e., researchers who have carried out top class research in their field, with the opportunity to develop and strengthen their research ideas as well as their competencies as independent research leaders of other researchers.

The funding instrument also aims at promoting careers, the mobility internationally as well as nationally among research environments, as well as to strengthen networks.

The grants are targeted at top researchers who intend to gather a group of researchers and/or research students to carry out a research project at a high, international level.

You can read more about this year’s 41 Sapere Aude grants below:
Talented young researchers receive 247 million DKK for groundbreaking research — Independent Research Fund (

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