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13 JUL

Waste product becomes bio-plastic

Glycerol is a low-value byproduct from bio-diesel production. A new process patented by DTU Chemistry can convert glycerol into the monomer allyl alcohol which can be polymerized...

Chemistry Organic chemistry
12 JUL

Multi-million investment in DTU spin-out

Scion DTU is home to a company that is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest Danish biotech success stories ever . 

Chemistry Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development
06 JUN

Novel Plasmonic Microfibers with anti-oxidation functionality

New findings from DTU Chemistry on photoresponsive microfibers have just been published in Advanced Materials .

03 JUN

A new story about gold and sulfur

Together with a group of researchers in Australia and China, the NanoChemistry group at DTU Chemistry have brought our knowledge about the intriguing properties of gold...

24 MAY

Chemical Biology is evolving

Senior Research Scientist, Katrine Qvortrup from DTU Chemistry writes about her research in chemical biology in an article on the Carlsberg Foundation website. Chemical...

15 APR

New nanoparticles results published

Single-nanoparticle resolved enzyme-mimicking electrochemical catalysis.

08 APR

Finally Unveiled: Structure of Enzyme that Converts Dopamine to Norepinephrine

After decades of research, scientists from DTU Chemistry have identified the first structure of the enzyme that controls conversion between two of our body’s most important...

Photo: Joachim Rode
25 JAN

The biggest fume cupboard in Denmark

DTU’s new chemistry laboratories in Building 211 constitute a technically advanced ‘machine’.


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13 DECEMBER 2018