DTU Chemistry - 2017 PhD Symposium

DTU Chemistry

- a dynamic Department with a wide array of opportunities

DTU Chemistry is responsible for most of the introductory classes in chemistry at DTU.
The research ranges wide in compliance with the objective of research-based teaching.
The Department's areas of strength are: Sustainable Chemistry - Energy - Chemical Biology - NanoChemistry - Femtochemistry

2017 PhD Symposium
DTU Kemi

DTU Chemistry

DTU Chemistry’s trademark is scientific expertise founded in fundamental research in applied chemistry. The research is wide and divided into two research areas each with underlying research groups:

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry - Physical and Biophysical...
DTU Kemi

DTU Chemistry

DTU is one of Denmark’s foremost research universities. We educate, make innovative discoveries, generate entrepreneurial ideas for improving people’s lives and protect the environment.

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PhD Symposium
Invitation and program for the 2017 PhD Symposium  

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