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March 2022
A Ph.D. position in Method Development and Application of Computational Spectroscopy is available with start ASAP in Spring 2022.
Please contact soco@kemi.dtu.dk for more details.

February 2022
10/02. COSINE Ph. D. student Daniil A. Fedotov successfully defended his PhD thesis on “Development and Application of Second-Order Methods for UV-Vis Spectroscopy of Organic Molecules. CONGRATULATIONS TO DANIIL FOR HIS NEW TITLE!
Opponents: Dr. Antonio Rizzo (CNR, Pisa, Italy); Prof. Jacob Kongsted (SDU, Denmark);  Assoc. Prof. Niels Engholm Henriksen (DTU Chemistry)

02/02. We welcome NTNU Ph.D. student Regina Matveeva, who is visiting our group till July 2022

October 2021
29/10 - Minisymposium in Theoretical Chemistry. Speakers: Prof. Anna I Krylov (USC) and Prof. Mauro Stener (UniTrieste, Italy)

29/10 - COSINE Ph.D. student Torsha Moitra successfully defended her PhD thesis on “Coupled-Cluster Based Methods for Photoabsorption and Photoelectron Spectroscopy”. CONGRATULATIONS TO TORSHA FOR HER NEW TITLE!
Opponents: Prof. Anna I Krylov (USC),   Prof. Mauro Stener (UniTrieste, Italy); Assoc. Prof. Niels Engholm Henriksen (DTU Chemistry

March 2021
3 March - PhD Marta Lopez Vidal receives the 2021 Michael Wormit award on the basis of her outstanding contributions to theory and code development within the Q-Chem's infrastructure and developers community. Congratulations, Marta!

February 2021
9 February - Postdoctoral fellow Bruno Nunes Cabral Tenorio has been awarded a competitive H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to work on the project ‘TR-AES - Theoretical beamlines to time-resolved ultrafast Auger electron spectroscopy‘. Congratulations, Bruno! 

November 2020
26 November - PhD student Marta Lopez Vidal has brilliantly defended her PhD thesis on ‘Development and Applications of Coupled-Cluster Methods for X-Ray Spectroscopy’. Congratulations, Marta!

July 2020
14 February - Ørsted-COFUND postdoctoral fellow Shota Tsuru has been awarded a competitive Alexander von Humboldt Foundation grant  to continue his postdoctoral studies at Ruhr-Universität Bochum in the group of  Prof. Christof Hättig from 01/11/2020. Congratulations, Shota!

April 2020
15 April - Bruno Nunes Cabral Tenorio has joined the group as postdoctoral researcher under the DFF Research Project 2 “Developing Theoretical Beamlines for Cutting-Edge Experiments”

February 2020
20 February - S. Coriani was keynote speaker at the CONEXS 2020 Conference “Emerging Trends in X-ray Spectroscopy”, Newcastle University. Read more here.

December 2019
Josefine H. Andersen has joined our group as PhD student working on the DFF project “Developing Theoretical Beamlines for Cutting-Edge Experiments”

October 2019
Anna Kristina Schnak-Petersen has joined Prof. K. B. Møller’s and our group as PhD student working on the project “Development and application of theoretical methodologies for the comprehensive description and interpretation of time-resolved spectroscopic and scattering experiments in the femto- and attosecond time scale “.
The PhD project is in collaboration with NTNU and partly funded by a Partnership Stipend.

October 2018

Shota Tsuru has joined the group on  as H. C. Ørsted COFUND postdoc fellow. Shota will be working on the

project “Tracking photochemical reactions with time-resolved near-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy”.


September 2018

Torsha Moitra and Daniil Fedotov have joined the as COSINE PhD students on September 1.


January 2018

Read the article: 'Shaping the Digital Chemist of Tomorrow' - about a new European Innovative Training Network on computational spectroscopy with strong DTU Chemistry participation.

Professor Sonia Coriani receives DKK 5,617,456 from the Danish Research Foundation/Nature and Universe for a project that will establish a completely new research field at DTU Chemistry.
Read the article. (in Danish).

September 2017

Marta Lopez Vidal joined the group on Sept 15, 2017 as PhD student, working on Novel Response Methods for Challenging Phenomena

May 2017

Rasmus Faber joined the group on May 1. 2017 as postdoctoral researcher.

Read the article about Sonia Coriani: 'The Italian Professor'