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My research concerns the theoretical (quantum mechanical) description of molecules; the aim is to predict and explain experimental observations in chemistry. We focuses, in particular, on the dynamics of molecules in space and time. This includes new methods for predicting, detecting ("filming") and controlling the course of chemical reactions on atomic length- and time-scales


Assoc. Professor (Lektor), PhD., D.Sc. Niels Engholm Henriksen

1983 - 
M.Sc. in chemistry., Technical University of Denmark

1987 -
Ph.D. in chemical physics., Technical University of Denmark

1994 -
Dr.scient. (D.Sc., Doctor of Science), University of Copenhagen

1987 - 1988
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA, Postdoctoral research associate

1988 - 1991
University of Copenhagen, Senior research scholar

1991 - 1995
Technical University of Denmark, Assistant professor

1995 -
Technical University of Denmark, Associate professor

Areas of expertise
Key qualifications: Theoretical chemistry. Physical chemistry at the atomic level.

International experience
Max Planck Institute, Göttingen (1986). University of Washington, Seattle, Washington (1987-1988). California Institute of Technology (2000).

Other information

Carlsberg Foundation "J.C. Jacobsen" fellowship, 1987. 
Gold medal in chemistry, University of Copenhagen, 1990. 
Statoil Prize, 1996. 
Founding member of the Danish National Research Foundations "Center for Molecular Movies", 2005. 
Elected member of the Academic Council, Technical University of Denmark, 2005. 
Appointed to the research council FNU, i.e., the Danish Council for Independent Research|Natural Sciences (from 2011).