Petroleum analysis: GC for gas and oil analysis. Physical distillation by FISCHER® LABODEST® HMS 500 AC.


PVT apparatus 240/1500

For PVT and phase equilibrium study up to 200°C and 150 MPa. The 240 cm3 cell is equipped with a sapphire window for full visibility. The system is equipped with other supporting units: a recombination unit, a gas meter, a high-pressure pump with a filter for organic deposit study, a high-pressure capillary viscometer, a high-pressure vibrating tube density meter, and a Setaram C80 calorimeter.

High-pressure recombination unit with a volume of 1.5 L which can operate up to 200°C and 150 MPa


Gas-oil-ratio unit with a 5 L gas meter, cooling traps, and gas sampling bottles


High-pressure pump up to 200°C and 150 MPa, with a filtration system for studying organic deposits


High-pressure capillary viscometer up to 200°C and 150 MPa


Anton Paar DMA HPM density meter up to 200°C and 140 MPa.


Differential scanning calorimeter (Setaram C80) with self-designed high-pressure cells (200 oC, 150 MPa)