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Bax Lindhardt
14 JAN

Why aren’t we going full steam with carbon capture?

Why aren’t we steaming ahead with capturing and storing carbon right now?

Environment and pollution CO2 separation and CO2 storage
Foto Bax Lindhardt
12 JAN

Two ERC Starting Grants for young researchers

Two young DTU researchers have each won an ERC Starting Grant for independent basic research of EUR 1.5 million or just over DKK 11 million.

Enzymes and proteins Solar energy Materials Organic chemistry Materials technology
12 JAN

DTU enters wide-ranging CCUS partnership

DTU is joining forces with 18 stakeholders to implement a roadmap for carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Energy systems CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaptation
A shrunken, refrigerated balloon is expanding to normal size because a presenter blows hot air on it. Photo: Thomas Hjort Jensen
24 NOV

20th anniversary for explosions and wild colours

Over the past 20 years, DTU ScienceShow has provided entertainment with fascinating experiments and brought science to thousands of people.

Energy and supply Physics Chemistry Mathematics
03 NOV

Two green research ideas receive funding

DTU Chemistry has received funding for two green research ideas. Both projects have high ambitions for exploiting energy sources in a more efficient way. 

The new carbon capture method uses a so-called ionic liquid bound in a solid material, as shown in the picture. The material acts as a sponge that can absorb CO2.
12 OCT

DTU researchers are testing new carbon capture method

Carbon capture today is mainly based on chemicals in liquid form. Now, researchers are testing carbon capture in a solid material.  

Chemistry Catalysis Energy and supply Energy systems
Erling H. Stenby. Foto: DTU Kemi
22 SEP

Head of Department at DTU Chemistry receives international award

Erling H. Stenby, Head of Department at DTU Chemistry, is awarded the “2021 SPE Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty" for his scientific...

15 SEP

Young researcher receives 2 MDKK for a new type of 3D printer

Assistant Professor Yi Yang from DTU Chemistry has been awarded a Villum Experiment grant of 2 MDKK for developing an ultra-fast, revolutionary 3D printer.

Chemistry Chemical engineering
Simone Anika Skou Olsen. Foto: DTU Kemi
02 JUL

Student making tomorrow’s laundry more eco-friendly

Along with Novozymes, chemistry student Simone Anika Skou Olsen has been developing new methods for measuring detergent and other residues in our clothes. This can potentially...

Enzymes and proteins Organic chemistry
18 MAY

Three research projects granted 15 MDKK

The Danish Independent Research Foundation is funding three new research projects at DTU Chemistry. The projects will lead to new, more effective drugs for the treatment...

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