NNF NERD grant goes to Professor from DTU Chemistry

Wednesday 31 Aug 22
Professor Kristoffer Almdal from DTU Chemistry receives 14 million DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s New Exploratory Research and Discovery (NERD) programme.

Kristoffer Almdal receives the new and prestigious grant for his ambitious project Packing Frustration in ABC Starblock Polymers.


The ABCstar project will significantly advance the understanding of self-organization in soft matter by investigating systems that contain a designed clash between the different parameters governing the system. This fundamental understanding of self-organizing will impact the understanding of soft and biomolecular matter. Biological structures such as cell membranes and biofilms are self-organized. Thus, the project can open routes to new drugs and applications within this area.


Read more about Kristoffer Almdal’s research here: Kristoffer Almdal - DTU Chemistry


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New Exploratory Research and Discovery (NERD) Programme 2022

The purpose of the NERD programme is to support creative, daring, and ambitious researchers within the natural and technical sciences, at any career stage after obtaining the PhD degree. The grant is aimed at supporting a single principle investigator (PI) with ample funding and a long time horizon, providing the required long-term stability and continuity to explore truly exceptional ideas with potential application within the life sciences, health sciences or biotechnology.

You can read more about the grant here: Novo Nordisk Foundation - NERD grant 2022

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