Energy and sensing applications project receives Poul V. Andersen grant

onsdag 09 mar 16


Suhith Hemanth
DTU Nanolab


Arnab Halder
DTU Sundhedsteknologi

Energy and sensing  applications project receives Poul V. Andersen grant

The project “3D Nanocarbon chips for microsupercapacitors and ultrasensitive detection” by PhD students Suhith Hemanth from DTU Nanotech and Arnab Halder from DTU Chemistry has been selected as the winning project by the Poul V. Andersen Foundation and will receive a grant of 250,000 DKK.

With the latest advancement of miniaturized electronic systems such as wireless sensors, implantable devices, smart cards, and cameras, the demand for new miniaturized power sources is at an all-time high. Development of chip based microsupercapacitors and flexible sensors is highly desirable to offer solutions.  This project will combine complementary expertise offered by two departments at DTU with a clear goal to achieve one of the current most challenging issues in energy and sensor based devices. With expertise in graphene based nanomaterials, surface chemistry and 3D carbon microelectrodes fabrication, Suhith Hemanth and Arnab Halder are confident of pushing the existing technology forward and bring one step further towards practical applications.

The Poul V. Andersen Foundation is hosted by DTU and  the grant is awarded once a year.

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