We are interested in the discovery and characterization of dynamic processes in biochemical and biomimetic systems. The emphasis lies on the characterization of reactions in sustainable chemistry and biochemistry. We use spectroscopy for serendipitous discoveries and unbiased characterizations of molecules, their conversion and their interactions in complex systems. A particular focus lies within the functional description of living cells and biomimetic catalysts, solvent effects and the formation and degradation of biological and bio-sourced polymers. To this end, we use and develop tailored high-resolution spectroscopic methods and probe molecules to describe complex systems at the interface of chemistry and biology.

Collaboration are conducted with theoretical and experimental groups at DTU Chemistry, Health Tech, Physics, University of Copenhagen and in Belgium, Germany, UK, and USA. In addition, we develop assays for the high-resolution molecular characterization of binding reactions in supramolecular biochemical and chemical systems.

Recent research highlights:

LR Barsøe S Saravanamurugan, E Taarning, JSM Espin, and S Meier, "Heterogeneous Base-Catalyzed Conversion of Glycolaldehyde to Aldotetroses: Mechanistic and Kinetic Insight", ChemCatChem, 2021, 13, 5141-5147

PR Jensen, F Sannelli, LT Stauning, and S Meier, “Enhanced 13C NMR Detects Extended Reaction Networks in Living Cells”, 2021,Chem Comm, 57, 10572-10575

MH Momeni, F Fredslund, Bastien Bissaro, O Raj, TV Vuong, S Meier, TS Nielsen, V Lombard, B Guigliarelli, F Biaso, M Haon, S Grisel, B Henrissat, DH Welner, ER Master, JG Berrin, MA Hachem, “Discovery of fungal oligosaccharideoxidising flavoenzymes with previously unknown substrates, redoxactivity profiles and interplay with LPMOs”, 2021, Nature Communications, 12, Article number: 2132

L Botti, SA Konrat, R Navar, D Padovan, JS Martinez-Espin, S Meier, and C Hammond “Solvent‐activated Hf‐containing zeolites enable selective and continuous glucose‐fructose isomerization”, 2020, Angewandte Chemie – International Edition,

PR Jensen, RK Knudsen, and S Meier, “Visualization of Pathway Usage in an Extended Carbohydrate Conversion Network Reveals the Impact of Solvent-Enabled Proton Transfer”, 2020, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 8, 12270–12276

PR Jensen and S Meier, “Catalytic cycle of carbohydrate dehydration by Lewis acids: structures and rates from synergism of conventional and DNP NMR”, 2020, Chem Comm, 56, 6245-6248.


Sebastian Meier
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
+45 61 77 92 72