1.2.2022: We are looking forward to Allans and Lucas Master thesis work delineating chemical and biochemical reaction pathways


1.12.2021: We are looking forward to a collaboration with Pernille Rose Jensen from DTU Health Tech and PhD students Alexandra and Thomas on bacterial metabolism as a drug target

1.8.2021: Congratulations to Ludvig, Casper and Linette on their great master theses.

1.3.2021: Welcome to Francesca as a PhD student

25.1.2021: Welcome to the two fantastic Master students Linette and Casper, working on projects in collaboration with different companies.

18.12.2020: Many thanks to the great Ceri Hammond and Luca Botti for collaborations on “Solvent‐activated Hf‐containing zeolites enable selective and continuous glucose‐fructose isomerization” (Angewandte) and “Mechanistic Studies of Continuous Glucose Upgrading Over Lewis Acidic Silicates by Operando UV-Vis and HSQC NMR” (ACS Catalysis)

28.10.2020: Thank you to DFF and the institute for supporting a project on whole-cell catalysis (PhD position) in collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Pernille Rose Jensen.