DTU Chemistry - Organic Chemistry - Jens Ø Duus


October 2014
We welcome Christian Kjeldsen, who joins the group as PhD student funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.


June 2014
We welcome Sebastian Meier as a senior scientist in the groups joining us from Carlsberg Laboratory.


May 2014
Carlsberg and DTU Chemistry agrees on the transfer of all NMR activities from Carlsberg Laboratory to DTU, including the Danish NMR Center for Biological Macromolecules. The NMR equipment will stay at Carlsberg til summer 2015, where the new NMR building at DTU is planned to be finished.


December 2013
Prof. Jens Duus receives together with Charlotte H. Gotfredsen a grant of 16 Mkr for the project “Structure to function in chemistry and biology – new generation NMR at DTU”