Former Group Members


2009-2015, Rene Bergmann

2011-2012, Natalie Kostesha

2012-2014, Aliaksandra Ivinskaya

2012-2016, Basil Uthuppu

2014-2016, Jens Kristian Munk

2016-2017, Hamid Babamoradi


PhD students

2006-2010, Z. D. Bolashikow, Enhancement of stress based cantilever assays through chemical functionalization (co-supervisor)

2006-2011, Bioimaging with magnetic nanoparticles (co-supervisor)

2008-2011, Michael Bache, Development of new sensors for detection of organic chemicals (supervisor)

2009-2012, Basil Uthuppu, Design and Development of a Microfluidic Amperometric Immunosensor for the Quantitative Detection of 2,6- dichlorobenzamide (BAM) Herbicide Residue in Ground Water (supervisor)

2012-2015, Søren Wang Fisher, NANOFILM – New Metallic Nanocomposites for Micro- and Nanofabrication (supervisor)

2013-2015, Kasper B. Frøhling, Development of a SERS aptasensor for detection of medical residues (supervisor)

2014-2016, Paul D. Mines, Hybridized reactive iron-containing nano-materials for water purification (co-supervisor)

2015-2017, Dongah Ko, Functional nanostructured materials for stormwater runoff treatment (co-supervisor)

2015-2018, Mathias J. M. Mølgård, Chemical/Biological sensing using CMUT’s (co-supervisor)

2015-2019, Mikkel B. Lotz, Nano-imprinting of chalcogenide fiber end facets (co-supervisor)


Research assistants

2013-2017, Ida Thygesen

2013-2013, Dan Kofoed

2015-2018, Milan Lausten


MSc students

2007, Alberto Cagliani, Development and Functionalization of Bulk Resonators

2010, Noriyuki Masuda, New Nanoparticle Doped Polymer Materials for Micro- and Nanofabrication

2012, Nicola Mirotta, Application of Colloidal Lithography to Fabricate Nano-Structured IR Anti-Reflective Surfaces with Self-Cleaning Properties

2014, Lorenz Sykora, Towards Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Spectroscopy using Micro- and Nanostructured Silicon Crystals

2017, Agnieszka Joanna Golinska, Investigation of biomarkers and biosensors for indication of Urinary Tract Infection