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May 2020


Our latest article on enzyme-mediated dynamic combinatorial chemistry is now online at Chemistry A European Journal.


“Tuning the outcome of enzyme-mediated dynamic cyclodextrin libraries to enhance template effects.”    Dennis Larsen and Sophie R. Beeren



December 2019


Congratulations to post-doc Dennis Larson and BEng student Philip Martin Bjerre for their work on our latest paper Light-controlled out-of-equilibrium assembly of cyclodextrins in an enzyme-mediated dynamic system published on the inside cover of Chemical Communications.


November 2019


Many thanks to Carlsberg Foundation and Novo Nordisk Foundation for supporting our research!


This month Sophie was awarded a Carlsberg Foundation Young Researcher Fellowship with 4.5 million DKK to develop Enzyme-mediated Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry. Two post-docs and one PhD student will be hired during the next three years to work on this project. You can read more here.

We also received a Novo Nordisk Foundation Project Grant of 2.9 million DKK for Biotechnology-Based Synthesis and Production. One post-doc and one PhD student will be hired to investigate the use of enzyme-mediated dynamic covalent chemistry for sustainable oligosaccharide synthesis. You can read the news article here.

October 2019


Welcome to Andreas Kjær Erichsen who joins the group as a PhD student. Andreas will be working on the enzyme-mediated dynamic covalent synthesis of large-ring cyclodextrins. 

September 2019


Our first article on Enzyme-Mediated Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry has been published in Chemical Science as ‘Pick of the Week’! Congratulations to post-doc Dennis Larson for Enzyme-mediated dynamic combinatorial chemistry allows out-of-equilibrium template-directed synthesis of macrocyclic oligosaccharides

This article was highlighted in Chemistry World Magazine articleTemplate molecules round-up large cyclodextrins from enzymatic synthesis.


June 2019


This summer the group attended the International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry (ISMSC) in Lecce.

April 2019


Congratulations to Vanessa Baj for the successful completion and defence of her PhD thesis, “Development of Receptors for Aqueous Carbohydrate Recognition”! Vanessa’s project was carried out in collaboration with Carsten Behrens and Thomas Eiland Nielsen at Novo Nordisk as part of the Resmosys ITN Network. Vanessa is the first PhD graduate from the group!


November 2018


Welcome to Charlotte Nybro Dansholm who joins the group as a PhD student. Charlotte will explore phosphorylase-mediated dynamic combinatorial libraries of alpha-glucans.


August 2018

Congratulation to Gustav Schjær Jensen on his excellent performance in his MSc thesis and defence. First MSc to graduate from the group!

June 2018

Sophie was invited to speak at the National Meeting of the Swedish Chemical Society, held at the University of Lund and presented new results on the Templated Synthesis of Cyclodextrins. 

April 2018

Welcome to Giorgia Masciotti who joins the group as a PhD student. Giorgia will work on the templated enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides.

On April 11 we hosted the groups of Harry Bitters and Aldrik Velders from the University of Wageningen, who visited DTU as part of their PhD tour of Scandinavia. Thank you to all who participated in an interesting and diverse symposium.

February 2018

Welcome back to Gustav Schjær Jensen, who now begins his Master’s Project. Gustav will synthesise and study anion binding of building blocks for the assembly of supramolecular polymers. 

January 2018

It was pleasure to host the EU-funded ResMoSys Innovative Training Network in Copenhagen on January 25-26. Well done to all the PhD students for their nice presentations. 


November 2017

Vanessa Baj won the poster prize at the DTU Chemistry PhD Symposium. 
Well done Vanessa!

October 2017
The article Electrospun phospholipid fibers as micro-encapsulation and antioxidant matrices was published in Molecules together with the group of Ioannis S. Chronakis as DTU Food.

ChemistryThe paper Molecular Switching in Confined Spaces: Effects of Encapsulation the DHA/VHF Photo-Switch in Cucurbiturils was published together with Michael Pittelkow and Mogens Brønsted Nielsen from Copenhagen University on the cover of Chemistry A European Journal.
You can access the article here.

September 2017
Panagiota Kalomoiri joined the group for a few months as a Research Assistant. Panagiota will be working on the synthesis of amphiphiles for stimuli-responsive materials 

June 2017
Dr Dennis Larsen joined the group as a post-doc. Dennis will be working on using reversible enzyme-catalysed reactions in the templated synthesis of large-ring cyclodextrins.

March 2017
New appointment
Sophie was appointed Assistant Professor

DTU Chemistry - Villum FondenJanuary 2017
Research Awa
Sophie was awarded a Villum Young Investigator Award. The grant of DKK 10 Million will support the group for the next 5 years, including two postdoctoral position and two PhD positions. Read more here and here.



November 2016

The article Co-assembly of chitosan and phospholipids into hybrid hydrogels was published in Pure and Applied Chemistry together with Ana C. Mendes and Ioannis S. Chronakis from DTU Food. 

September 2016
Conference Presentations

Sophie gave a talk entitled Supramolecular Chemistry of Alpha-Glucans  at the Annual Meeting of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry at LU-KU-DTU

Public Presentation
Sophie spoke at the Conference on Gender Balance in Science hosted by Institut Francais Danemark, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science and L’Oreal. 

July 2016
Bachelor Defence

Gustav Schær Jensen successfully defended his Bachelor Thesis.

June 2016
Public Presentation

Sophie gave a presentation on Smart Stimuli-Responsive Materials at the Danish Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters (Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab). Watch the talk

Sophie was interviewed on Danish Radio: NOVA Aftenklubben and Radio 24Syv ‘Hviids Varmestue’.

New group member
Marion Bellier from INSA Rouen joined the group as an Erasmus student for three months. 

New group member
Dr Megha Arya joined the group for the summer. 

L'Oreal logoMay 2016
Research Award

Sophie received the L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Prize. See more here and here.

Radio Interview

Sophie was interviewed on Danish Radio PI Eftermiddag 31 May 2016 in conjunction with the L’Oreal-UNSECO FWIS Prize.

February 2016
New group member

Gustav Schjær Jensen joined the group as a Bachelor Student. Gustav is working on the templated enzyme-catalysed synthesis of carbohydrate-based receptors. 

January 2016
New group member

Vanessa Baj joined the group as a PhD student. Vanessa will work on the development of receptors aqueous carbohydrate recognition. Her project is a collaboration with Novo Nordisk and part of the Resmosys Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network.

The article In vitro Biochemical Characterization of All Barley Endosperm Starch Synthases was published in Frontiers in Plant Sciences, Plant Physiology together with Jose A. Cuesta-Seijo at Carlsberg Laboratory. 


DTU Chemistry - Sophie BeerenOctober 2015

A new article entitled Simultaneous disulfide and boronic acid ester exchange in dynamic combinatorial libraries was published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences in collaboration with Michael Pittelkow at the University of Copenhagen.

April 2015
Research Grant
A Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network (ITN) grant has been awarded to fund the ResMoSys ITN focused on Multi-Stimuli Responsive Molecular Systems and Materials. 
DTU Chemistry - ResMoSys logo
As part of this grant a  PhD student will be hired from January 2016 in collaboration with Novo Nordisk. 

January 2015
Publication  DTU Chemistry -Sophie Beeren A paper was published in Chemical Communications together with Sebastian Meier entitled Supramolecular chemical shift reagents inducing conformational transitions: NMR analysis of carbohydrate homooligomer mixtures.


The paper Direct study of fluorescently-labelled barley β-glucan fate in an in vitro human colon digestion model was published together with Prof. Ole Hindsgaul in Carbohydrate Polymers.

Sophie joined the Department of Chemistry at DTU.