DTU Chemistry - Mads H Clausen - Research


In the area of mammalian chemical biology, we are interested in new strategies for treating disease, especially within oncology and inflammation. We are designing targeted prodrugs for chemotherapy and inflammatory disease, we develop methodology to generate libraries of screening compounds, and we are engaged in fragment-based drug discovery.

In the area of plant chemical biology, we are especially interested in the plant cell wall and its structural biopolymers. We develop synthetic strategies to oligosaccharides related to plant cell wall polysaccharides, such as pectin and hemicellulose, as well as to lipids found in the plant cuticle.

Professor Mads H. Clausen is a co-founder and Head of the Center for Nanomedicine and Theranostics and a considerable part of the group’s research are integrated in the center.

For more information about our current activities, please see our publications, the links to current projects or contact us at DTU Chemistry.