DHRTC Receives Grant from EUDP for New Produced Water Project

Monday 18 Jan 21


Simon Ivar Andersen
Professor (MSO) Offshore Produced Water Management Research
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+45 93 51 07 58

Together with private company SHUTE Sensing Solutions, University of Copenhagen, and Aalborg University, DHRTC has obtained a DKK 4.9 million grant from EUDP to develop a way of controlling oil-in-water using 3D spectroscopy.

One of the biggest environmental concerns in offshore oil production is the disposal of co-produced water. The project ‘Control of Oil-in-Water using 3D Spectroscopy’ will develop an advanced fluorescence based measurement device for optimization of water treatment. The project goal is an advanced on-line sensor with a dedicated monitoring-control algorithm for water treatment optimization.

The researchers will map the sample fluorescence topography and apply a combination of optical approaches and advanced data analysis to reduce the environmental impact.

The project is one of 34 projects focusing on green energy technology that EUDP (Det Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram) has chosen to fund. The DHRTC project runs from 2021 to 2023 with Professor Simon Ivar Andersen from DHRTC as the project leader. The project is part of the Produced Water Management research programme, which overall focus is to reduce the environmental footprint associated with oil and gas production in the Danish North Sea.

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