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"The best is to succeed at something no one has done before"

Tuesday 25 Feb 20



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MSc programme in Applied Chemistry

The MSc programme provides you with broad knowledge of the design of advanced materials - at both theoretical and experimental level - through courses covering the chemistry, synthesis, physical chemistry and production of such materials.

The MSc in Applied Chemistry offers a high degree of flexibility in the students' individual study plan. You can design your own study programme and career by choosing from the wide range of courses offered at DTU with emphasis on areas such as analytical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, materials or sustainable chemistry. Alternatively, you can choose to specialize in one of the five predefined study lines:

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Chemistry student Vanja Refn thinks that the best thing about studying chemistry is that you succeed with what you do, and when you can help to create new knowledge in the laboratory.

Vanja studies Applied Chemistry at DTU and will graduate in winter 2021. She loves to spend time in the laboratory, where she, among other things, specializes in materials chemistry for catalytic contexts. During her bachelor project at DTU Chemistry, Vanja soon discovered that she is most passionate about synthesis and characterization of chemical materials.

“During my bachelor, I went through a number of compulsory courses which gave a good introduction to what applied chemistry can be used for. I could already then feel that design and characterization of materials interested me – and it is only a plus that our research facilities here at DTU Chemistry are really good – so there has been plenty of opportunities to do research projects and exciting experiments in the laboratory ”, says Vanja.

And she has taken full advantage of that. In general, she experiences her study time at DTU as exciting, and it gives her a kick when she helps to create new results and knowledge.

"I have enjoyed my study line and the opportunities I have been offered at DTU Chemistry, where I have had the opportunity to do research and published my first scientific article in ACS Omega on a uranium-based metal-organic network."

The title of the scientific article is "A Redox-Innocent Uranium (IV) -Quinoid Metal-Organic Framework".

The future
Like many other students, Vanja has sometimes found it difficult to imagine which professional qualifications a future employer is primarily interested in.

“The good thing about studying Applied Chemistry is that there are several opportunities to specialize in a specific area. I have chosen the direction with a focus on catalysis and nanotechnology that I hope will give me many opportunities in the future. ”

However, for the time being, she is focusing on her master thesis, which will be about synthesizing and characterizing molecules with catalytic properties. Again, Vanja will work on creating new knowledge.

Her advice to other future chemistry students is to take advantage of the opportunities that DTU offers. And at the same time, to follow their academic interests during the study period as the teachers are often very responsive to the students' ideas and interests.

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