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1989 M.Sc., Chemical Engineering, The Technical University of Denmark
 1993 Ph.D., Chemistry, The Technical University of Denmark and Carlsberg Laboratory
1990 and 91  Visiting Scientist, Dupont Experimental Station, Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
 1993-94 The Carlsberg Foundation Scholar at the Beckman Institute at Caltech, Pasadena, California, USA with professor Harry B. Gray
 1994-96 Postdoctoral Fellow, Carlsberg Laboratory, Denmark
 1996-2002 Senior Scientist, Carlsberg Laboratory, Denmark
 1997-2012 Manager of the “Danish Instrument Center for NMR spectroscopy of Biological Macromolecules”.
 2002-2007 Head of Section; IT and Scientific Services, Carlsberg Research Center, Denmark
 2007-2012 Professor, Director Carlsberg Laboratory
 2013- Professor DTU Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark
Major funding
1995-1997 NATO travel grant with Jay R. Winkler, California Institute of Technology.
1996 11.2 Mkr to establishment of the “Danish Instrument Center for NMR spectroscopy of Biological Macromolecules” from “Danish Natural Science Research Council” for an 800 MHz instrument and 500 MHz upgrade. Received together with Klaus Bock and Flemming M. Poulsen
2006 2.5 Mkr for upgrade of 800 MHz NMR console from “Danish Natural Science Research Council” 
2007 750.000 kr over 3 years, support of running cost for NMR center from “Danish Natural Science Research Council” 
2011 1.6 Mkr for upgrade of 600 MHz NMR console from Carlsberg Foundation 
2013  1.9 MKR for a 3 year Ph.D. project from the Novo Nordisk Foundation 
2013 0.9 MKR Post.doc. grant from Carlsberg Foundation 
2014 16 MKR from Villum Foundation for “new generation NMR at DTU”


Jens Øllgaard Duus
DTU Chemistry
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