Selected news

August 2022
Cecilia, Stefan and Mads will be at the ACS meeting in Chicago. Stay tuned to the program and when we are presenting recent research from the group.

July 2022
The group will participate in ICS 2022 – Online. Cecilia will give a presentation of our immuno-oncology project.

June 2022
ISIDORe is a large, European project to combat current and future disease outbreaks and pandemics. The network builds on the combined capacities of 17 large, biomedical research infrastructures. EU-OPENSCREEN is part of the consortium and specifically offers services within diagnostics and therapeutic discoveries. The services are fully funded by Horizon Europe.

This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with EU-OPENSCREEN and us! If you are carrying out research in this area, please note the current open call for services. DTU offers medicinal chemistry support (e.g. SAR, hit-to-lead chemistry and lead optimization). Please have a look here for more info and consider applying for a project here.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Welcome to Maria Christensen, who joins the group for her BSc thesis research.  



Welcome to Silvia Pastor, who joins the group for an extended summer research internship.


Mads will be at Skylab DTU for the annual Green Challenge competition June 24, assessing student projects.

May 2022

Our collaboration with the Rademacher group and others on targeting lectin carbohydrate binding sites with fragments is online at Commun. Chem. Read the open access article here!

Mads travels to Israel to meet collaborators and Kasper at Technion. He will also visit the Innovation Center at the Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv and give a seminar at Ariel University.

We are in Gothenburg for the ELRIG Advances in cell-based screening in drug discovery meeting. Great program with great talks!

elcome to Camille Bedu from ENSCMu, who joins the group for a research internship. 


Elisa and Mads will be in Gothenburg for the ELRIG Advances in cell-based screening in drug discovery meeting. The conference also features a satellite meeting for the Nordic Chemical Biology Network.

April 2022

Welcome to Manele Chouiter from ENSICAEN, who joins the group for a research internship.


Our collaboration with the Astakhova group on anti-arthritic nanoparticles is published in Biomacromolecules.

Mads will be in Berlin for the EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC 9th Assembly of Members.

Congratulations to Cecilia! Her review of the chemical biology of αGalCer is online in Eur. J. Org. Chem. Read the open access article here

March 2022

Our collaboration with the Sommer and Bach groups is out in J. Med. Chem.

Welcome to Shadi Wahid, who joins the group for a one-year traineeship as laboratory technician.



February 2022

Welcome to Yuhan Luo, who joins the group for her MSc thesis project on vaccine development.



January 2022
The group will be well represented at the Torkil Holm Symposium 2022. Don’t miss the great lineup of speakers (or the chance to chat to us!)

Congratulations to Ahmad and the team. The much improved synthesis of the fungal alkaloid TMC-120B is now published. Read the open access paper in Molecules here. Thanks to NCK for a nice partnership on scaling up the synthesis.


Congratulations to Marcel. After one year’s internship in the group he very successfully defended his final project and is now a laboratory technician. We wished him well in the future and enjoyed some celebratory cake – traditional Danish “kagemand”.





December 2021

A perspective on the European Lead Factory is out in Nat. Rev. Drug Disc.

Congratulations to Cecilia. Our cancer vaccine research is highlighted in the DTU magazine Dynamo. Read more on page 20–22 here (in Danish).

Viola is on a roll! Her collaborative paper with the Ding group is online at Nat. Prod. Res. It describes new secondary metabolites from Aspergillus.

November 2021

Congratulations to Viola. Her article describing ROS sensitive tofacitinib prodrugs is now online at Eur. J. Med. Chem. Rep. Read the open access paper here.

Faranak and Mads will participate in the EU-OPENSCREEN Partner Site Meeting. 


Mads will participate at the Scheele Symposium in Stockholm and meet with colleagues from the Nordic Chemical Biology Network. 


October 2021

Congratulations to Mie Larsen, who successfully defended her MSc thesis. 


Congratulations to Thomas Klevin, who successfully defended his MSc thesis. 



September 2021

The group sends four teams to the DTU 3 x 5 km relay race! There was a good diversity of finish times. Also, it was not too hot for running and it was easy to stay hydrated at the event.

Welcome to Dr. Alonso Vargas. He joins the immuno-oncology team as postdoctoral fellow.



Our collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and Novozymes on an archaeal endo‑β‑1,4‑galactanase is online in Biotechnol. Biofuels. Read the open access publication here.

Welcome to Mikkel S. Madsen. He joins the group as a research assistant in the immuno-oncology team.



elcome to Henri Chédotal, who joins the group for his PhD studies. Henri will join the FBDD team.


Welcome to Raffaele Puglielli, who joins the group for his MSc project as an ERASMUS student. Raffaele will join the FBDD team.



August 2021

On-site construction of the DTU SCore platform has begun at DTU Chemistry.


July 2021

Congratulations to Maelle Pestalozzi, who successfully defended her MSc thesis.


Congratulations to Marie Louise Gram, who successfully defended her MSc thesis.



Congratulations to Cecilia and the Argonaut team! The first results from the project can be seen on ChemRxiv.


June 2021

Congratulations to Christian Oettinger, who successfully defended his MSc thesis.


DTU Chemistry will host the third CNT Science Mixer online. At the event, CNT researchers and PhD students will present their research results and engage in discussions with the center personnel.

Congratulations to Kasper. His review on fragment-based drug discovery for RNA targets is out in ChemMedChem. Thanks to Ruth, Lotte and Vipul for a nice collaboration.

May 2021

We are grateful to the Independent Research Fund Denmark for supporting our project on fragment-based drug discovery. We look forward to strengthen collaborations with Lotte Gotfredsen and NMR Center DTU, Anders Bach and Michael Gajhede at the University of Copenhagen as well as Roberta Brambilla at the University of Miami. We will be recruiting at DTU and UCPH, so stay tuned!

Welcome to Erika Ismaili from INSA Rouen, who joins the group for a research internship.

April 2021
Luca, Ulrik and Faranak will participate in the second Annual General Meeting of EU-OPENSCREEN DRIVE.


Congratulations to Cecilia. She receives a Lundbeck Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship to support the project iNKT cell-based cancer immunotherapy – a synthetic toolbox for developing novel cancer vaccines. Great job formulating a winning project for a very competitive call.


Congratulations to Elisa – her review of small molecule inhibitors of ROS production is online in J. Med. Chem. Thanks to Luca Laraia for a great collaboration!

Congratulations to Enzo and Cecilia. Their synthesis of branched RG-II, a collaboration with the Kosma group in Vienna, is online at Chem. Eur. J.

March 2021

Congratulations to Nacho. His collaborative research with the Nawrath lab is online in Curr. Biol. The article is open access until May 11.

Welcome back to Lea Jakobsen, who rejoins the group as laboratory technician. Lea will work on new methodology for glycosylation chemistry in collaboration with Stefan.


February  2021
Welcome to Maëlle Pestalozzi, who joins the group for her MSc thesis project in fragment-based drug discovery.

Welcome to Christian Oettinger who joins the group for his MSc thesis project involving hit-to-lead medicinal chemistry of kinase inhibitors.

Welcome to Mie Larsen who joins the group for her MSc thesis project. Mie joins the immuno-oncology team.

Welcome to Thomas Klevin who joins the group for his MSc thesis project. Thomas joins the immuno-oncology team.

Welcome to Marcel Schuppenhauer, who joins the group for a one-year traineeship as laboratory technician.


Our collaboration with the Zeng group on characterization of GT14 enzymes from Arabidopsis is online in Int. J. Mol. Sci. Thanks to Lingling, Berit, Josh, Tony, Wei and the other collaborators. Read it here – open access.


January 2021
Welcome to Stefan Zimmermann, who joins the group as postdoctoral fellow. Stefan will work on a new project aiming to improve glycosylation reactions for oligosaccharide synthesis.

Welcome to Marie Louise Gram, who joins the group for her MSc project related to fragment-based drug discovery. Marie is also a recipient of the Novo Nordisk Scholarship, congratulations!



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