Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Fermentation specialist Center for Biosustainability 07 OCT 22
DTU Tenure Track Researcher(s) in Organic Coatings Technology DTU Chemical Eng. 09 OCT 22
Student Assistant for the Office for International Education Study Programs and Student Affairs 10 OCT 22
Postdoc in Biochemical Engineering or Biotechnology DTU Bioengineering 10 OCT 22
Travel-happy CO2 Capture Technician DTU Chemical Eng. 10 OCT 22
Senior Commissioning & Operations Engineer for Cutting-Edge CO2 Capture and Utilization Plants DTU Chemical Eng. 10 OCT 22
PhD scholarship in Coordinated Control of Power Electronic Converters in Energy Islands DTU Engineering Technology 10 OCT 22
Postdoc in geomechanics/geotechnics DTU Sustain 10 OCT 22
Student Assistant in Flexible Electronics DTU Health Tech 11 OCT 22
Postdoc in Image Segmentation for X-Ray Microscopy DTU Compute 13 OCT 22
Deltidsmedarbejder til affald og genbrug Campus Service 13 OCT 22
Student Assistant DTU Construct 14 OCT 22
Student Assistant DTU Construct 14 OCT 22
Postdoc in Catalysis and Materials Theory DTU Physics 14 OCT 22
PhD Scholarship on Efficient On-Chip Second Harmonic Generation for Chip-Scale Optical Atomic Clock DTU Electro 14 OCT 22