Kasper Planeta Kepp

Kasper Planeta Kepp


Department of Chemistry

Kemi: Faculty
Physical and Biophysical Kemi: Biophysical and Biomedicinal Chemistry

Technical University of Denmark

Kemitorvet 206

Building 206, room 212

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Keywords metalloproteins, protein evolution, neurological disorders, DFT, MD, bioinformatics, protein stability

Curriculum Vitae, Kasper Planeta Kepp
(Please note name change from "Jensen" to "Kepp" 2010 upon marriage) URL: www.kpje.com

Born 23/7 1975. Address: Backersvej 125, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. 2 children, married.


09. 2016 −                     Professor MSO, DTU Chemistry
01. 2012 to 08.2016        Associate Professor, DTU Chemistry
01.2009 to 12.2011         FNU Steno Fellow (Associate Professor), DTU Chemistry.
09.2007 to 12.2007         Visiting Scholar, Stanford University.
01.2007 to 12.2008         VKR fellow, DTU Chemistry.
01.2005 to 12.2006         EMBO long-term postdoc fellow, Yale University.
Paternal leave: Total 5 months. Dec 1–14 2009; Aug–Oct 2010; Nov 10–24 2011; July 30–Sep 2 2012.


11.2000 to 10.2004          Ph.D., Lund University. Defense: Oct. 29, 2004.
09.1997 to 10.2000          M.Sc. in chemistry, Copenhagen University.
09.1994 to 07.1997          B.Sc. in physics, B.Sc. in chemistry, Roskilde University (RUC).


Professional experience
1. Referee for internationals journals (~20/year): Angewandte Chemie, JACS; Inorg. Chem.; J. Phys. Chem. A/B; Coord. Chem. Rev; JIB. >80 reviews for ACS alone since 2007.
2. Head responsible and teacher at the course Coordination Chemistry 26124 at DTU (~60 students).
3. Head responsible and teacher at the course "Fundamental Chemistry", 26028, DTU (~200 students).
4. Teacher and co-responsible, Fundamental Chemistry for General Engineering Students, 26030.
4. Consultancy for World Anti-Doping Agency 2008−2010
5. Boards:  a) Managing committee member, EU COST action ECOSTBio, 2012−; b) DTU Board of Information Security, 2009-2015; c) President, Yale Nordic Soc. 2005-2006; d) LUNARC, Center for Scient. Comput., Lund, 2002-2003; e) Organizing Committee, EUROBIC-6, 2002.
6. ~60 scientific presentations (talks and posters at conferences and meetings).
7. Member of American Chemical Society; AAAS; Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry.
8. Recent invited talks at international conferences: ICPP Nanjing, July 2016, ECOSTBIO, Belgrade, Aug 2015; ICCB, Hawaii, July 2015; ICCMSE, Athens, Apr 2014; CECAM (EU) Zaragoza, Sep 2012; QBIC-3, Cesky Krumlov Jun 2011, World Anti-Doping Agency, Nov 7−8, 2009, Tokyo.
9. Reviewer, book proposals and national science foundations (UK, Austria).


Prizes and awards
National Young Elite Researcher Prize from The Danish Science Council 2009.
Steno Stipend, FNU (Danish Research Council), 2008.
European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Long Term Fellow, 2005-2006.
Novo Nordisk Scholarship Award for M.Sc. studies, 2000.


Fund raising as head applicant (~11M DKK as head applicant)
1. Research project grant from FNU: "Zinc and copper sites in Alzheimer’s disease", 2013.
2. Research project grant from FTP: "Rational Evolution of Superstable Laccases", 2010.
3. Steno Stipend from the Danish Research Council, 2009-2011.
4. Stanford visiting scholar Grant from the Danish Research Council, 2007.
5. Villum-Kann Rasmussen Postdoctoral Fellow 2007-2008.
6. Three grants, Danish Center for Scientific Computing, 2007+2008+2012.
7. Danish Chemical Society Travel Grant ICBIC-13, Vienna July 2007.


Funding as co-applicant
FTP project on laccases for use in biofuels; Main PI: Professor Anne Meyer, DTU Chemical Engineering, 2015. 20M DKK strategic research council project on human milk saccharides; Main PI: Professor Jørn D. Mikkelsen, DTU Chemical Engineering, 2010.


Communication skills / teaching
Nominated Best teacher of the Year, three years in a row, DTU 2013, 2014, 2015.


Innovation: Patent applications
"A mutant sialidase having trans-sialidase activity for use in production of sialylated glycans". 2014 Patent application number: WO2014167112, International patent number: PCT/EP2014/057422 filed 16.10 2014. US patent application # 20160076013 filed 2016.


Research area
Fundamental physical inorganic chemistry. Structure, function, natural and artificial evolution, and neurochemistry of metalloproteins.


Group leadership / Supervision
Successfully finished: 2 Ph.D., 2 postdoc, 6 bachelor students, 5 undergraduate project groups.
Current: 1 Ph.D. student, 2 master students, 1 postdoc (commencing ultimo 2016).


Publications and citations

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74 international peer-reviewed articles (65 original journal articles, 7 journal reviews, 2 book chapters). 44 first-author, 52 corresponding author. Cited >2200 times (Google Scholar) >1700 times (WoS). H-index: 24 (Google Scholar), 22 (WoS), Avr. Citations ~24.  9 of 10 top-10 cited papers as first-author.


Public dissemination in Danish
Dec. 9 2012. In Danish newspaper Politiken "Ny dansk teori kan styrke kampen mod Alzheimers"
Jul. 14, 2011. Op-Ed in Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad celebrating Chemistry Year 2011: "Kemi er hele fundamentet for vores livsførelse"