Technology Conference 2017

Posters fuel conference debate

Tuesday 21 Nov 17
73 posters and researchers presenting their ideas on how we can increase the oil and gas extraction fueled a lively debate at the DHRTC Technology Conference 2017. Especially, 7 posters ran with the attention of the conference participants and won the title of best poster.

Researchers from across the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) partnership invited all the participants at this year’s Technology Conference to debate and discuss, at the poster session on 14 November. More than 73 researchers displayed their work and were ready to share their insights with colleagues from academia and industry.

Besides the opportunity to discuss with peers from academia and industry, most of the posters also had the chance to be voted best poster of the session. As many as 7 posters received votes enough to win.

The winners were

  • Teeratorn Kedeethum, DHRTC: The Effect of Reservoir Pressure Depletion on Well Productivity in Fractured Reservoirs
  • Aslaug Glad, DHRTC: Cementation features in fractured chalk: A petrographic study based on optical mecroscopy, the Kraka Field (Danish North Sea)
  • Hadise Baghooee, DHRTC: Modelling of Modified Salinity Water Flooding: A Comparison between the Mechanistic and Empirical Models
  • Søren Dollerup Nielsen, AAU: Self-Healing Cement
  • Lasse Prins, AU: The 3D Geotechnical Model – Incorporating geology and engineering geophysics
  • Ying Qu, AAU: Smart-Spider: Autonomous self-driven robot for cost-effective in-line inspection of subsea pipeline integrit
  • Dennis Hansen and Mads Bram, AAU: Efficiency Investigation of an Offshore Deoiling Hydrocyclone using Real-Time Fluorescence and Microscopy-Based Monitors.

“I had the chance to have detailed discussions with professionals from academia and industry in a dynamic and interactive environment and get constructive feedback from peers. I think it is a big positive that many young researchers attended the poster session to promote the research being done at DHRTC to develop solutions to the challenges that the oil industry faces in the Danish part of the North Sea,” said one of the best poster winners Hadise Baghooee, and added:

“I am very grateful for the award, since it has proven my research to be attractive, meaningful and provided me motivation to pursue the effort to promote applied research at DHRTC.”

All areas of DHRTC research were represented including the current 6 DHRTC work programmes, sprint projects and other relevant research taking place at the DHRTC partner institutions.

Read more about the posters in the abstracts from the poster session right here

You can also find the whole programme from the conference and the abstracts from the presenters right here.

Picture: Brian Nonbo

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