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The second Technology Conference kicked off

Tuesday 14 Nov 17
More than 250 people joined to share ideas and perspectives of the future for the Danish oil and gas industry when Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre kicked off the second Technology Conference.

Rasmus Larsen, DTU Provost, welcomed all the participants to the second Technology Conference held by Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC). During the next two days, the participants will have a good opportunity to see some of the innovative developments within various scientific disciplines, see how they are connected to the Danish North Sea, and see how DHRTC have chosen to organize the collaborative efforts between research and application.

"Oil and gas has been a valuable resource for the Danish State and will be for many years to come..."
Rasmus Larsen, Provost, Technical University of Denmark

“Oil and gas has been a valuable resource for the Danish State and will be for many years to come, during the transition to climate friendly energy systems. With DHRTC and the strong collaboration between the five institutions (AAU, AU, KU, DTU and GEUS) and DUC (Danish Underground Consortium) we believe DHRTC strongly supports the vision to benefit the society,” said Rasmus Larsen in his opening speech.

Research in focus
The DHRTC activities are organised around areas of application and research activities. Now, DHRTC has six programmes each pointing to a potential additional recovery and a large number of research areas activated across the five partner institutions. During the conference, the participants will have a chance to discuss with researchers at the leading edge, and at the same time get an understanding of application potential.

“From expecting very little of the outcome of the underground, to expecting much more. At the DHRTC Technology conference you will be presented to cutting edge development with high risk and high yield. All aimed at developing and creating value to benefit society,” ended Rasmus Larsen before he declared the DHRTC Technology Conference 2017 open.

Read more about the conference here.

Picture: Brian Nonbo

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