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New nanoparticles results published

Friday 15 Apr 16
Single-nanoparticle resolved enzyme-mimicking electrochemical catalysis.

Nanoparticles represent a wide range of nanostructures with significant applications in the fields of catalysis, advanced energy technology and biology. The evaluation of their catalytic efficiency at the single-particle level is of crucial importance in both fundamental understanding and technological applications, but it remains a challenge.

Former PhD student Nan Zhu, Professor Jens Ulstrup and Associate professor Qijin Chi from DTU Chemistry have demonstrated the synthesis of highly stable and water-soluble mixed-valence nanoparticles under mild conditions and mapped their enzyme-mimicking catalytic properties and c
ontrolled electron transfer to single-nanoparticle resolution.

This is achieved by using a combination of surface-assembly chemistry, electrochemistry and liquid atomic force microscopy.

he new results are published in ACS Catalysis, one of the top journals in catalysis science.

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