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Novel Plasmonic Microfibers with anti-oxidation functionality

Monday 06 Jun 16


Qijin Chi
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
+45 45 25 20 32
New findings from DTU Chemistry on photoresponsive microfibers have just been published in Advanced Materials.

Oxidation protection of active materials in liquid environments is essential for a number of environmental and energy related applications, including photocatalysis, water splitting, and wet electronics.
While surface coating has been widely used, enabling anti-oxidation self-protection of active materials is of both fundamental and technological interest but remains a daunting challenge.
Ørsted postdoc Chengyi Hou, PhD Minwei Zhang and Associate Professor Qijin Chi from the NanoChemistry Group at DTU Chemistry have recently demonstrated that photoresponsive microfibers with a plasmonic core-shell structure can respond to visible light to achieve self-protection against oxidation in an open environment. The microfibers are synthesized via a newly developed reagent-free electrolytic method and have unique interfacial structures and high surface activity.
The new findings have just been published in the highimpact journal of materials science, Advanced Materials. The work is a collaboration with DTU CEN and Donghua University in Shanghai, China.    


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