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Two new Professors in Chemical Biology

Wednesday 26 Mar 14


Mads Hartvig Clausen
DTU Chemistry
+45 45 25 21 31

2014 has started out with the appointment of two new professorships in Chemical Biology, a fast growing area with a great potential. Congratulations to Professor Thomas E. Nielsen and Professor Mads H. Clausen.

Chemical Biology is a multidisciplinary area of research at the interface between chemistry and biology. Current focus for the area at DTU Chemistry is directed against cancer, infectious disease, drug delivery, and epigenetics, and research efforts are aimed at the development of new chemical probes, diagnostic tools, and lead compounds for drug discovery.

A central theme in the research of Professor Thomas E. Nielsen is organic synthesis as a tool to understand biological phenomena, such as cancer and antimicrobial infectious disease, including the development of miniaturized screening technologies.

The focus of Professor Mads H.Clausen’s reserach is bio-organic chemistry and application of synthesis as a tool to answer biological questions, such as selective methods of cancer treatment as well as understanding of complex structures in plants and biomass.

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