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18 DEC

Young researcher receives prize from Jorck's Foundation

Associate Professor Kira Astakhova from DTU Chemistry was one of the recipients when Reinholdt W. Jorck and Wife Foundation awarded three young researchers with research...

13 NOV

Symposium shows the diversity of DTU Chemistry’s research

At this year's PhD Symposium for DTU Chemistry, research regarding sustainability, medical drugs and technology were on the agenda. The presentations showed a wide range...

02 NOV

PhD honored for extraordinary effort

PhD Arun Kumar Somavarapu from DTU Chemistry has been awarded DTU's 'Young Researcher Award 2018' for his thesis. The award is given to young researchers who have put...

12 OCT

The DK-OPENSCREEN is launched

The national infrastructure for chemical biology, DK-OPENSCREEN, has been inaugurated. This means that researchers and companies gain easier access to a wide range of...

10 SEP

Novel nano material for quantum electronics

A new 2D material based upon research at DTU Chemistry has vast perspectives. The discovery is published by the prestigious journal Nature Chemistry.

06 SEP

Denmark hosts Enhanced Oil Recovery conference

P roduction from the fields in the Danish part of the North Sea is declining. Several other countries face similar challenges. An international conference will address...

20 JUN

Secrets of the Iodine Molecule

Using powerful laser experiments, a Danish team has revealed a surprising behavior of gas phase Iodine (I 2 ) molecules. The findings are reported in prestigious Physical...

18 JUN

European Medicinal Chemistry Nomination

DTU Chemistry PhD Jorge Peiró Cadahía is Denmark’s nominee for European Champion in Medicinal Chemistry.

13 JUN

Large Grants for Independent Research Projects

Smart polymers, protein stability, fuel cells and solar energy headline new projects at DTU Chemistry made possible by Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF).

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