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Physical and Biophysical Chemistry

The Section of Physical and Biophysical Chemistry comprises activities within pure and applied physical chemistry. It covers both microscopic atomic-level descriptions and the macroscopic thermodynamic approach. Common themes are determination of structure and behaviour of small to medium-sized molecules as well as proteins, and many projects involve spectroscopy, scattering, and computer modelling.

The research areas are Biophysical and Biomedicinal Chemistry; IR, THz, and Raman Spectroscopy, High Pressure Phase Behaviour for Oil and Gas Production, Protein and X-ray Crystallography, Polymers and Functional Interfaces; Theoretical, Computational, and Femtochemistry.

Research groups:

DTU Chemistry - BiophysicalBiomedicinalChemistry

Polymers and Functional Interfaces

DTU Chemistry - IR- THz Spectroscopy

DTU Chemistry - Protein X-Ray Crystallography

DTU Chemistry - Raman Spectroscopy

DTU Chemistry - Femtochemistry

Center for Energy Resources Engineering (CERE)

Physical Chemistry...


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DTU Chemistry
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Protein-excipient Interactions and Protein-Protein Interactions in formulation.

MIND - Metalloproteins In Neurological Disorders - an interdisciplinary network