Packing of FF column

Packing of Q Sepharose Fast Flow column

In this exercise you will be packing a XK16/20 column with 20 ml Q Sepharose Fast Flow media for your purification of ferredoxin.

Before you start please read how to pack a column in the Ion Exchange Chromatography handbook Appendix 3, page 139-142.

And watch this video from GE LifeSciences on how to pack a column

This video can also be found on the video hub.

Please note that in this exercise you will be using a XK16/20 column and not a HiScale column, please read the XK column manual before you start working in the lab.

The Q Sepharose Fast Flow specific information can be found in the instructions 71-5009-64-AF from GE LifeSciences here.

Instead of using acetone for measuring the efficiency and asymmetry factor use a sodium chloride containing buffer and follow the conductivity. Inject a 1 % column volume.