Oral Exam 30 min per student

The oral exam will be on the last day of 3-weeks period.

It is an individual oral exam taking 20-25 minutes per student and graded according to the 7-step scale.

The layout of the exam is:

• Present an argued purification strategy and the obtained results (TPH or FXD) - 10 min. (powerpoint or on paper)

• Draw one set of questions to be answered without aids - 10 min.
(writing board, blank paper, and writing utensils will be available)
Questions are made available the first day of course.

• General discussion of the subject - 5 min.

• Grading - 5 min.

The chromatographic system ÄKTA Start and columns will be available for the oral exam.


1:  Describe the principle of IEX
Describe the concepts of choosing an appropriate buffer system and pH for IEX

2:  Describe the principle of IEX
Discuss the pros and cons of column materials with different particle size distribution

3:  Describe the principle of GF
Discuss the pros and cons of using GF in the different steps of a purification strategy

4:  Describe the principles of HIC 
Describe and discuss methods for extraction of soluble proteins from solid samples (cells)

5:  Describe the four most important factors for chromatographic purification and discuss when the individual factors are most important in a purification strategy

6:  Describe the principles of AC 
Describe the concept and discuss the pros and cons of using purification-tags 

7:  Name and describe the function of the different components of the ÄKTA start system
      What do you need to know about a protein in order to devise a purification strategy and why?


26 APRIL 2019